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Design & Development

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Statement of Purpose

The Denver Technological Center has often been described as the finest business park in North America. The aesthetic and fiscal value of the properties has outpaced other area sub markets including the central business district in Denver for many years. This quality is maintained through the implementation of protective covenants and strict architectural controls, overseen by the DTC Architectural Control Committee (ACC). These covenants establish a high set of standards for planning and design, which are fair to all parties, while maintaining exceptional value for each property within the Denver Technological Center.

Protective Covenants

The Protective Covenants of Denver Technological Center legally apply to all land that is part of DTC, regardless of ownership and are independent of the zoning and land use regulations of local governments. The system of land use control created by the Covenants includes not only the Covenants but also a Master Plan, Review Procedures, and Design Criteria.

Activities Necessitating Review

Under the Covenants, any proposals to construct, modify or demolish improvements within DTC must obtain plan approval from the ACC prior to commencement. The ACC's review and approval process also applies to signage, changes in property use, and maintenance activities that take place on or with respect to property that is part of DTC. The ACC meets on a regular basis to review plan submittals. After the ACC approves a plan submittal, an applicant may proceed with a project, but only in strict compliance with the terms and conditions of approval. The ACC performs periodic site inspections, both during development and on an ongoing basis thereafter to ensure compliance.